Autonomous Motion

Denali Classic Snowshoes


Inexpensive great snowshoes

Float over snow. Go slow, steady. Be thrifty. One of the least expensive pair of snowshoes you can get is the best. Unfashionably molded of single piece of unbreakable bomb-proof plastic these Denali are idiot-proof easy to get on and off, very lightweight, and small enough to fit into your carry-on luggage! Try that with fancy ones. A classic model by now, any bugs in the near-solid-state Denalis have long been worked out, so these economical shoes have a huge following. I find them far more comfortable than other snowshoes I’ve used for casual excursions. They have optional extenders for heavier weight or snow conditions.

-- KK 02/9/05

(The Denali Classic model is in limited supply, and has been replaced by MSR's Evo. If you have any experience with the Evo's, please let us know. — editors)

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