Dental Picks


Great for craft projects

Dental picks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. First recommended to me by my art teacher in 1982 as a great tool for picking out small bits in tight areas of woodcuts. I found them to be excellent for just about anything you could imagine: lifting out gobs of hair stuck in a drain, cleaning the grooves and fine lines in my antique stove, reaching into small areas to retrieve slipped objects, clearing scraps of jammed paper in a copy machine. I got my first one from my dentist who looked at me rather oddly and I assured him I would not be doing my own dental work! I believe they throw them out anyway.

I found lots at an outlet called American Science & Surplus (they also have a website) and most came in their own little pouches — dirt cheap too. They are finely crafted instruments, lightweight, great for household or arts & crafts projects.

-- Kitty Hill 06/23/15