Dharma Trading Company


Best fiber supplies

Dharma Trading Company has EVERYTHING for the knitter and home fiber craftsperson. Excellent dye supplies, and blanks — white clothes for dyeing — and lots of great ( white) fabric for all kinds of projects at very reasonable prices.

— Lesley Creed

I get my batik and tie-dye supplies from Dharma Trading.  Great selection and good service.

-- KK 11/6/12


Natural Yarns for Dyeing

Natural Yarns to dye in solid colors or hand paint into variegated yarns. They are natural in color and come in skeins averaging about 8 ounces unless otherwise noted.
The Sample Card (#YARNFS) comes with 8" samples of every yarn, so you can get a better idea of how they look and feel.


Better Tjantings (Batik Tools)

Here's a better Tjanting from Indonesia, the home of batik. Carefully handmade in a small village with all copper parts and Teak wood handles. Copper is easier to heat than the brass ones, and the tips produce a finer line. Some also use the size #1 for drawing very fine lines of wax to make Ukranian Easter Eggs! These tools just look good too!



Vanishing Fabric Markers (Purple)

Use these to draw your design on the fabric. The lines disappear "like magic" with water or within 48 hours. On thin silks, it fades away very fast. Test that you have enough time.
Purple for white fabrics.