Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses


Geometric diamond pattern buffs away hard corns and calluses.

I cover 12-15 kilometers per day while hiking and traveling, which is understandably hard on my feet. For multiday trips, good foot hygiene becomes indispensable for preventing blisters, ingrown toenails, and the dreaded “trench foot.”

I used a generic foot file from my local big-box retailer. They seem to work well when brand new, but quickly become gunked up or lose their grit over time. Not to mention most of them are heavy, bulky, and break when dropped. When one file reached the end of its life, I’d buy another and thought that’s just the way it was.

My sister introduced me to the Diamancel #20 about three years ago. Unlike a typical file, which is essentially glorified sandpaper, the Diamancel is made with spiculated diamond-impregnated circles that absolutely decimate rough skin. After just a few uses you will revel at much smoother and softer your soles are on a day-to-day basis. The gaps between the circles collect and channel dead skin away so the file virtually never clogs.

It’s eminently portable, unbreakable, and can be cleaned by simply rinsing under the tap. Although the #20 is labeled for “foot calluses”, most users consider it perfect for everyday use. The vast majority of reviews on Sephora are quite effusive but I will pass along a few tips: Your skin should be bone dry (use before a shower, not after), and don’t press too hard i.e. let the diamonds do the work. And for Pete’s sake use it over the bathtub — you’re going to be astonished at what comes flying off. It’s expensive, sure, so I asked my sister for my own as a birthday present.

-- Nabhan Islam 05/13/22

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