Digital Nomads Welcome/180 Days as a Tourist/Side Hustles

Nomadico issue #16

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Welcome Mats for Digital Nomads
It seems that digital nomad visas have gone mainstream. Yours truly was quoted in an article about the trend in Reader’s Digest yesterday. The Wall Street Journal highlighted a more localized movement beyond that where smaller towns and cities in Europe with aging populations are actively recruiting remote workers to move there. It especially focuses on Italy, which also made the news last year with one-euro fixer-uppers for sale in villages with abandoned houses. – hat tip to Mark Frauenfelder

180 Days Again in Mexico
There’s been a lot of uncertainty for long-term visitors to Mexico the past year as they inconsistently applied the rules for how long someone without residency could stay. We’re getting back to a 180-day default though as Cancun and four other airports (to start) are getting rid of paper tourist forms and universally granting the 180 days again. I would still be careful about trying to get away with this for years on end, but great for snowbirds and nomads!

Side Hustle Strategy Tips
For many of us who run a remote business or a freelance career, the actual thing we make money from first started as a side hustle while holding down another job. This Mashable article runs down advice from 11 entrepreneurs on how to run two or more side projects without killing yourself or going crazy. 

IRL Brainstorming is Best
While most remote workers aren’t in any hurry to return to the company office, this Stanford Business School study says there are some inherent advantages to meeting in real life at least part of the time. They found that online video meetings are not very productive for brainstorming sessions especially, partly because our field of vision is narrowed and it’s hard to walk around and keep talking to your fellow participants.


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