Digital Shower Thermometer


Battery free real time shower and bath water temperature monitor

I recently had to replace a shower handle, and at the time I thought about getting one with the built-in digital thermometer. But due to time limitations and budgetary constraints, I opted to go with just a basic functional model. But, just this past week I stumbled across this cool tool, a low-cost and easy to install alternative. The best part? It is powered hydraulically! That’s right, no battery to replace, ever. The force of the water moving through the unit spins an internal generator, powering up the illuminated LED display. This device is super easy to install; I was able to do it with no tools at all. It’s easily adjustable for readability, it seems to be accurate, and it reacts instantly to changes in water temperature. This is not only a great safety device to prevent accidental scalding, but it also makes it so nice to always have the water temperature pre-adjusted to your optimal comfort level before you step into your shower. And at 15 bucks, you really can’t go wrong with this cool tool. But, be aware that this model only displays in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. There are other models available, in the same price range that do display in Celsius.

-- Randy Cantu 05/23/18