Dino-Lite USB Microscope


Best USB Digital Microscope

I have an older model of the Dino-Lite AM4113T, a small USB microscope. I have been using this USB microscope for both work and home projects for the past several years. It has a magnification of 20x-50x and 200x with a 1.3MP resolution. For my work as an electrical engineer it is great for looking at and capturing solder joints on very small pitch components, very fine PCB trace routing, reading part codes off small components and looking at connector alignment/damage. For the home projects the kids have loved looking at tiny bugs, fingerprints and a whole array of common items that look much different when magnified 200x.

Dino-Lite offers a whole range of products depending how sophisticated you want to get. My older version does not have measurement capabilities, but it seems all the newer ones do. They also have built-in lighting that is more than sufficient. Of all the tools I have purchased for work, this one has given me the most value for the money. It is very easy to use with the supplied software, which is available for both Windows and Mac. I have only used the Windows software so I can only comment on that version.

-- Matt Schirmacher 05/27/16

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