Double Paper Holder

Dual TP dispenser

Modern public toilets employ versions of these dual TP holders, and even though a private household has no similar absolute need for one, it’s very nice to permanently eliminate one of life’s little nagging gotchas. I’ve been using this model for 15 years ($15), and it’s served its purpose admirably: having an at-hand spare roll when the primary roll unexpectedly runs out. It’s bound to happen someday to someone (maybe to a visitor), so why not attack the problem proactively? Rather than being haphazardly located under the sink, next to the john, etc., the spare roll is rather tidily found& #8212; neither in the way nor out of the way.

Also, there is no spool to thread through the roll(s), meaning there’s no detachable part to drop while re-threading or misplace while moving or painting. Instead, there are a couple of 3/8″ circular projections on each side that fit snugly into each roll’s cardboard center. Press a little black button and an arm on the side pivots out an inch. Insert one side of the roll onto the center (fixed) post and swing/click the arm back into place — fast and foolproof. This design also fits the roll more tightly than a spool, so the TP doesn’t rattle on its axis while being turned and thoughtfully stops turning when the pulling stops. There are slightly cheaper versions of this style of holder, but they have spools. Besides, in 15 years mine hasn’t failed, tarnished or scratched. I think building codes should encourage such dual TP holders.

-- Roger Knights 09/7/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2008 — editors)

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