Double Pie Carrier

Two-tiered food basket

I’ve had this for less than a month, but have used it to take two pies on a bus out-of-state, and hope to use it a lot in the future. I finally realized: Four or five times a year I schlep some pie.

What it enables me to do: Easily carry two pies at once. Or two casseroles in a square or round dish; or a casserole and a pie. The basket is 12 inches in diameter, so make sure your casserole dish will fit before you buy one.

The tray referred to in the item’s name is a legged, stained, 1/4 -inch plywood board, which sits in the basket over the bottom pie and forms the base for the top pie. The lid is stained quarter-ply as well.


I wouldn’t say that my pie basket is necessarily the very best among those available, because I haven’t tried any others (the price of this one is among the lowest), but a pie carrier basket is hands-down the best thing for carrying a couple of pies at once.

It’s never apparent that it’s full of homemade baked goods, and it therefore doesn’t elicit stupid observations in public. Also: It’s not more plastic to try to store; it’s a handcrafted object, attractive enough to rest on a shelf and look good doing it. It would definitely work for two tiers of cupcakes, too.

-- Mary O’ Dea 11/24/09

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