Douglass Field-S Oil Lighter


Waterproof lighter

I have been looking for a long lasting refillable lighter for emergency use. I tried covering a Zippo with a ranger band and it still dries out. Peanut lighters dry out. This thing lasts forever. I have had it for over a year and it still lights every time I try it. It holds an extra flint in the bottom (not standard size). It also has an extra fuel reservoir. Everything is O-ring sealed and totally waterproof. It has a flat bottom so it can stand on end and be used as a candle or hand warmer. If you have ever fallen in a stream crossing and tried to light a Bic, it is not much fun. The Douglass is a little heavier and not as pocket-friendly as a Zippo but by far this is the best lighter I have ever owned!

-- Mike Chrest 11/4/16

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