DR Trimmer Mower


Lawn mower, weed wacker hybrid

Twenty years ago when I moved from the city to the rural acreage I now inhabit, I started researching all kinds of tools. I came across a small ad for a strange-looking contraption called a DR Trimmer/Mower. Picture a rotary lawn mower with an oversize weed whacker instead of a blade, and you’ll have it. I ordered one and was VERY glad I did. Nothing else comes close in keeping vegetation under control, even in tight spots like under fences. If I could only have one yard-maintenance tool, this would be it, hands down. In a pinch, it can even serve as a conventional lawn mower.

My original DR served me faithfully, and in fact still works well though it’s showing its age. But recently the manufacturer made an offer I couldn’t refuse to us early adopters of the original, so I updated to this new model. It has a few nice refinements but isn’t fundamentally different from my 1992 model. Highly recommended for people with lots of weeds, grass, and even brambles to keep under control.

Tips: the optional bigger engine in the 8.75 model is nice but not essential. Electric start is an optional luxury; my engine starts easily with a pull cord. I don’t think the self-propelled option is worth the money and added weight and complexity (YMMV). Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cutting line sizes and types: the stock line lasts a long time but I don’t think cuts as well as Oregon’s Nylium Starline.

-- Rob Lewis 08/24/12