Dr Tung’s Smart Floss


Stretchable floss expands between your teeth

Christmas eve a few years ago, I stood in line at Whole Foods and grabbed this Smart Floss. I needed a stocking stuffer for my husband, and what could be a better small gift than dental floss? Well it turns out, the floss was a winner. For years I have used Glide because my teeth are very close together and I didn’t think other flosses would work. The problem with Glide was that I was not inspired to floss because it didn’t seem to do anything. Not so with the Smart Floss. According to the package the floss is woven and reminds me of those Chinese finger traps you may have played with as a child. When you release the tension on the floss it expands, and I can actually see that more gunk is coming out of between my teeth. And this makes me more interested in flossing. It’s not cheap but it does seem to last a long time.

-- Nicole Harkin 01/20/22

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