Drawzer/Quiet Places Finder/On-the-Go Pen

Recomendo - issue #396

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Random drawing prompts

Drawzer is a website that does just one thing. It generates random ideas for art. I used it to make some AI images: “Three-toed lizard marching in a videogame,” an “artist smoking a huge pipe in a pool of goo,” and “a yeti playing the drums in an old west town.” — MF

Find peace and quiet near you is a free repository of more than 700 natural soundscapes from all over the globe. Here is a Summer Storm in Kamnik Alps, Slovenia. Recently launched is their Quiet Places Finder — an interactive map to discover the best rated quiet spaces in the loudest cities. Near me, I found a rose garden that I want to go spend time in. — CD 

Compact lubrication

The universal lubricant WD-40 usually comes in a hefty spray can. Even with a fine straw attached to its head, it still tends to overspray messily. For a more precise application of WD-40, use this compact On-the-Go Pen, which applies the lubricant with a focused felt tip, and is the right tiny size for a tool bag, car, boat, kitchen drawer, or bike. — KK

Dada YouTube

YouTube is in its infancy as an art medium. Bobby Fingers is a surrealist, who has posted only 4 videos on his channel, but they get 750,000 views. His long videos are masterpieces of meticulous art craftsmanship, elaborate prank puzzles, indie music, deadpan comedy, all disguised as one of the best maker tutorials I’ve ever seen. It is very hard to describe their obsessive weirdness and elegant absurdity. Start with his first, “Drunk Mel Gibson Arrest Diorama.” Be sure to watch to the end. His art is the videos. — KK

Wireless charging station

This wireless charging station is a space-saver on my bedside table. It allows me to charge my iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once, eliminating the need for multiple cords. I can charge my phone in landscape modes, which turns it into a StandBy mode clock. — MF

One page calendar 

Here’s a link to a free printable calendar that will display all the days of 2024 on a single page. I used it to mark my travel and important dates and it helped me visualize my year in a new way. — CD 


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