Dubs Acoustic Filters


Earplugs reduce the overall volume while preserving sound fidelity

I have a friend who is a transformational coach. He makes a living out of being a great
communicator and delivers life changing conversations. One day while having lunch with
him, I spotted these bright pink earplugs in his ears. I asked him about them, and he explained that he wears earplugs to filter out the background noise so that he can focus better on the conversation that is important. Up until this time, I thought earplugs were to block out all noise.

Enter Dubs Acoustic Filters. The DUBS are NOT the cheapo foam earplugs that construction workers wear that you can get for $1.99 at a gas station. The DUBS are extremely high quality, entirely mechanical earplugs that maintain acoustic quality while simply lowering the decibel level. Created by Doppler Labs, the DUBS are the modern day reinvention of earplugs.

Upon first inspection, you will notice that these are built to last and not to be disposed of. They are almost like my pair of Klipsch headsets, with just the earpieces with no cords. They fit very comfortably, which is good, because I was going to test them on an 18 hour flight to S.E. Asia.

It takes a moment to acclimatize but in a few seconds, you will immediately hear an overall hushing. It was similar to the effect of a Bose QuietComfort but with no electrical input and no batteries required. According to DUBS, the reduction in noise level is twelve decibels, which does not sound like a lot, but it is enough to reduce overall loudness yet still allow you to hear conversations.

I work in a New York City loft, beside a fire station. Putting them on makes it easier for me to focus on my task at hand, and yet I do not need to take them off when a coworker comes by to discuss something, or if the phone rings. I think these would be GREAT for concerts, sporting events, or any place where there is background noise that you want to filter out. I have a friend with tinnitus and want him to try them out. Much like athletes put on their uniforms before a game, I always put on my DUBS before going to work.

The DUBS come with a small case where you are supposed to store them, but my only wish is that the DUBS had a better system to prevent loss like an attachable cord. I have already gone through a few pairs because I’ve misplaced one.

They come in a bunch of colors, and retail for under $25 bucks. These make ideal gifts, because until someone tries them, they wouldn’t know that the needed them. Do not be surprised when they thank you and are able to have a focused conversation with you.

-- Alastair Ong 12/24/15