Where to get earliest gadgets

The Japanese consumer often gets futuristic gadgets years before the American does. For those who can’t wait, imports advance Japanese goods. Their prices include appropriate duties, warrantees and modifications for the US market; for that service they charge about 30% more than the same device would demand in the Akihabara electronics mall of Tokyo. specializes in ultra-lightweight laptops (like the coveted Libretto) and ultra-small digital cameras. Tomorrow’s technology today.

-- KK 07/30/03


The Cubik is the world's smallest megapixel digital camera. Its 1.3 million pixel CMOS captures images at 1280x1024. Its on-board 16mb RAM stores 50 1280x1024 or 99 640x512 low-res pictures. You can even capture a 90 second movie (no sound, though). Although not as small as the Spyz, the Cubik is small enough to fit unobtrusively into your pocket. And, thanks to an aluminum alloy casing, it can also survive your pocket. The Cubik also works as a web cam. The standard package is only $169 and includes the Cubik camera, USB connection cable, English software and manual, and a 1 year warranty through Dynamism. We have the Cubik in-stock and available for same-day shipment.