E-Z Foldz Step Stool


A cinch to store stool

I have two of these nifty folding stools ($16), one for my garden shed, and one that (mostly) lives in the kitchen. They’ve been kicking around my house for 2-3 years now, and I’m incredibly impressed with their sturdiness. The cool thing about these step stools is that they fold to a flat package only 2-1/4 inches thick. It will support up to 300 pounds, and you can tuck it between the fridge and the wall or under the sink or in a broom closet.  Folding them involves pushing in the hinged short ends and pushing the wider sides together. It’s a fantastic option for small spaces, where storage is at a premium.

The step stool in the kitchen lives under the sink, where it takes up remarkably little room.  They’re sturdy enough to kick around like a soccer ball, which I do pretty regularly. If it gets dirty, you can take it outside and hose it down. The plastic is soft enough to be non-marring to floors, and the top surface is roughened to prevent slips. It has a clever carrying handle in the top which works really well when folded and nearly as well when opened up.  It comes in 2 heights, 9″ and 12″. I have the 12″ high stool, and the top is nice and roomy,  It costs between $10-$20, depending on where you find it. I picked ours up at a local hardware store. A quick web check shows that this is a pretty widely available item.

-- Amy Thomson 08/9/19

(Note: We first reviewed the E-Z Foldz Step Stool back in 2008.--OH — editors)