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E-Z Foldz Turtle Stool

Folding, mini step-up

I have other step stools, but none so handy, sturdy, easy to use, and simple to store away as this small, plastic folding step stool. One lives in the narrow crack between my refrigerator and wall—it breaks down to less than two inches flat, but pops out easily to give me the extra nine inches I need to root around in the back of the top cupboards. Very sturdy: rated for 300 pounds. Reasonably lightweight: less than 2.5 pounds. And it has a nice handle when folded, so it’s great for use wherever, whenever. I’m belatedly realizing I should have brought mine to the Red Bull Soap Box Derby the other day; I would’ve seen something other than the backs of people’s heads as the giant donut, belt sander, and Rubik’s cube whizzed by. Live and learn.

I’ve used mine for five years, inside and outdoors, and it’s not showing any signs of age; I just hose it off on occasion. Really good to have on hand anywhere space is at a premium — apartments, boats, RV’s, etc. They’re also available in 6- and 12-inch heights, plus a two-step model (17 inches high), that folds to 4.5 inches (haven’t tried those models myself, though). The stools also come in a variety of colors.

—Barbara Dace

We have a Turtle Stool in our kitchen which we use all the time. It’s quick to unfold, easy to store, lightweight, and incredibly strong and stable. A reader noted in the comments that the inventor of the stool also makes wooden versions, in difference sizes. No prices, but lots of choices and inspiration at his Tower Stool website.

— KK


E-Z Foldz Step Stool, 9-inch (aka “Turtle Stool”)
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