Eastwood Supplies


Special metal working tools

Eastwood is primarily an auto-body parts and tools supplier, but oh what tools. For example, welding equipment. You might not need TiG welding equipment, but you might find use for the gloves (fireplaces) or the jeweler’s torch. Or painting equipment. You probably don’t need to powdercoat brake calipers, but you *could* powdercoat your grill, lawn furniture, whatever.

Or maybe you need shop tools. Specialty tools like garage wheel alignment on the cheap, or your own garage lift (user-installable!). Wheel dollies for moving cars in your multi-car garage laterally. I first encountered the catalog because I needed tracer dye for a head gasket leak; I ended up buying hard-to-find 3M abrasive pads for removing the old gasket material as well as the dye and the UV lamp. Best thing about it? Buy something once and you get the catalog for well over a year. There’s always something in it if you’re a handy kinda person….

— Christopher Wanko

Eastwood has long been one of my favorites. I have found their stuff to be just what they say it is, and their service all one could ask. I have especially liked their lineup of tools that are very hard to find elsewhere. Many times, just seeing items in the catalog has enabled me to come up with design solutions, and let me make the parts I need. Yummy Yum.

— J. Baldwin