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Recomendo: issue no. 220

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Easy world clock
The Loclock webpage offers a dead-simple way to see what time it is anywhere in the world. Click the little menu icon in the upper left corner to choose which cities to include on a 24-hour circle. — MF

Skincare dupe finder
Skinskool is a “dupe finder” that compares the active ingredients in your favorite skincare products and matches them to other products on the market. This is such a useful tool if your favorite serum or cream has been discontinued or you just want to find a less expensive alternative. — CD

Vote early
In the US, 41 states enable early voting. Early Voting is the national clearing house linking the procedures for early voting for each state. Vote early to be sure. — KK

Superior color printing
In my experience laser printers are superior to inkjet printers for precision, speed, and reliability. If you are an occasional printer, laser is the way to go because they don’t clog up. Until recently, however, color laser printers have been out of reach in price. But now a new crop of inexpensive color laser printers are available. I am really happy with my HP Laser Jet Pro M255dw, which does 2-sided color printing for $300. Cost of replacement toner, per page, is similar to ink. — KK

Notebook hack
I’ve been upgrading my daily to-do notebooks with these self-adhesive library card pockets. It’s just an easy way to keep receipts, post-its and other notes together until I integrate them into my digital filing system or task list. These manila pockets along with my better pen holder help to keep my love alive for my analog to-do list. — CD

Surprising dice
In a recent issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, I wrote about a fascinating curiosity called nontransitive dice. It’s a set of three nonstandard dice with confounding rock-paper-scissors behavior. No matter which of the three dice your opponent chooses, you can always pick one of the other two dice to beat it. I made my own nontransitive dice on a 3D printer, but they are also available on Amazon if you want a set. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 10/4/20

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