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Egg Beater Pedals


Supremely elegant and efficient bike pedals

Egg Beater S classic

The ability of cleats to significantly increase your efficiency while riding a bike is hard to appreciate until you have tried them. Instead of merely pushing down with your legs, you get to pull up and push forward too. That gives you added power. And since you now use more than one muscle, you also have added endurance. The dual worries of getting your feet off the pedals, and using the pedals without cleats are solved ingeniously by this design: your cleats will pop out of the pedals with an easily controlled bend.

— KK

Bike pedals have been around forever, and one would assume they would have reached their climax state in sophistication and function. Wrong — Egg Beaters beat every other cleated bike pedal out there. They lock your feet in securely, but also afford effortless release. My road bike friends like them too, but they excel on mountain bikes, as the design self-clears mud and dirt, and the mechanical advantage of the design guarantees that a stray bit of dust isn’t going to lock your feet into the pedal.

And they just keep getting better. I bought my first pair — the classic egg beaters– just over two years ago. Then when I purchased my new mountain bike earlier this year, I bought the new Egg Beater Candys — just like the classic, but with tiny platforms wrapped around the egg beater mechanism. This makes it much easier to ride unclipped for short periods than was possible with the old pedals. I haven’t tried the Egg beater Mallets (street shoe ready) yet.

In short, Egg beaters transformed my ride, and I can’t imagine riding a bike that didn’t have them.

— Paul Saffo

Egg Beater Candy

Got new pedals for my mountain bike at the recommendation of all the reviewers at Egg beaters from Crank brothers. Light, work like a charm, and self cleaning. I’m never going back to conventional pedals or other types of clip-ons that get fouled with mud and dirt. I went with the Egg Beater S but they have lighter and pricey-er versions made mostly of titanium.

— Heath Dieckert


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