Electric Airplanes/Residency Incentives/Portable Desk

Nomadico issue #50

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Electric Airplanes Are Coming

United Airlines has billboards up in their hub airports bragging that they’ll be carbon neutral by 2050, which sounds about as ambitious as me saying I’m going to shed 10 pounds in 10 years. United’s commitment got a lot more credible this month after announcing that they’re buying 100 electric planes slated to start service in 2026. Easyjet is joining the party too via another supplier. See this comprehensive article on the coming wave of electric airplanes.

Malaysia Gets Lapped and Wonders What Happened

We predicted, back when Malaysia was still closed, that drastically raising their income/investment/savings requirements for residency would put a big chill on their “Malaysia My Second Home” program. Predictably, applications dropped by 90% and existing expats sprinted for the exits like they were escaping Godzilla. Now the government is backtracking since they’ve spent the remote work revolution on the sidelines and retirees are going elsewhere. Watch for requirements to drop back down to Earth soon in a reboot.

No More Arriving Billionaires in Middle Earth

Perhaps the leaders of Malaysia and New Zealand should meet for a coffee in a co-working space and have a chat about incentive levers. In 2021, 492 people applied for New Zealand’s foreign investor visa meant to attract moneyed expatriates to the island nation. After the government tightened up the rules and tried to force those rich applicants to focus on active investments instead of passive ones, a total of 15 people applied in the following six-month period.

A Desk That Travels

I haven’t used it yet, but this $30 goDesk invention seems ideal for working travelers who spend a lot of time in airports. It attaches to the telescoping handle of a rolling suitcase, giving you an impromptu desk from any chair whether there are workspaces or not. You can buy one at this link, but we’re giving away a twofer in May to readers of the monthly newsletter at Perceptive Travel online magazine where I’m the editor. Get on it here.

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