Ember 2 Mug


Keeps your hot drinks hot

Want your coffee or tea to stay warm for as long as you to stretch out your coffee break?  The Ember 2 mug (10 or 14 oz) has a rechargeable heater in the bottom of the mug so that you aren’t tied to a hot plate – you’re free to roam.  It takes about 2 hours to fully charge on its saucer, and it’ll stay warm for 1.5 hours (or indefinitely if you use the saucer while you drink).  You can set the temperature with their accompanying app.  They also make a 12 oz travel mug.  Don’t add your cream before you pour in your coffee, or it’ll think it’s empty and won’t engage the heater — and it’s a giant hassle to reset it.  It’s easy to hand wash with a silicone bottle cleaner or soft cloth.

-- Wendy Shefte 01/28/22

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