Enlightenment Now/Belletrist/Port-out scam


Recomendo: issue no. 83

Proving the reality of progress
I loved Steven Pinker’s brand new book Enlightenment Now. It’s does many things including making an argument for the essential role of reason and science in creating happiness, liberty and wealth. But most importantly it is a broad, detailed, logical case for the reality of progress on our planet. If you have any doubts about whether science, education and technology are making this a better world, I believe you can be persuaded by the evidence in this book. — KK

Literary inspiration
My favorite newsletter right now is from actress Emma Roberts’ female-focused, book of the month club called Belletrist. Weekly emails include interviews with women authors who share their favorite books and articles, among other things. Here’s a link to their archive to check out. I’m also loving the Belletrist Spotify playlists featuring songs that inspired authors while writing their books. — CD

Avoid the port-out scam on your mobile phone
If you use 2-factor authentication that sends a text message to your phone to get a code, beware of the port-out scam. This happens when a bad person impersonates you and tricks your phone company into issuing them your phone number. You can prevent this by calling your carrier (dial 611 from) your phone and telling them to add a security PIN to your account. Anyone who tries to access your account will be asked for the PIN. Read more about port-out scamming here. — MF

Pro-quality tire plug kit
My car tire had a dry-wall screw in it. I bought a cheap tire plug repair kit at the local Pep Boys for about $12. It was hard to use because I had to apply a lot of force to the plastic handle and it was painful. A month later I found another screw in my tire. I left the screw in until I ordered this heavy duty $27 tire plug repair kit. The all metal handles were a pleasure to use. The kit comes with a lot of useful extra tools and parts. Buy one today and you’ll be happy you did when you need it. — MF

Easy shoe lacing
These elastic silicone shoelaces look like regular shoelaces and eliminates the tucked-in hidden knot, which was always uncomfortable. It turns my Keds into slip-ons. — CD

Ultra-light water bottle
I am into ultra-lightweight backpacking, even on day trips. The lightest water bottle is the cheapest, flimsiest disposable bottled water bottle you can find. The cheaper the lighter. — KK

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-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 02/25/18