Epilady Coil Tweezer


Removes facial hair

Despite its name, this tool works for men too. I’ll admit it: As I get older, my vision is worsening and mysterious new hairs are starting to sprout in my ears. I’d like to pluck these hairs, but I can’t see them well enough with my failing eyes to grab them with regular tweezers. (Plus regular tweezers just don’t grab all that well in the first place) Enter the Epilady Coil Tweezer, which lets me grab and pull a bunch of hairs simultaneously without having to aim precisely. It’s basically just a spring that you stretch open, and as it springs closed it tightly grabs all the hairs in its vicinity at once. Brilliant. After it’s clamped on to all those hairs, you yank ‘em all together in one motion. Sounds a lot more painful than it is.

Here’s a DIY version.

-- Adam 08/25/17