Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter


Very tiny remote control quadcopter

I’ve been fiddling around with the world’s smallest quadcopter now for about 2 months, and it’s been great fun! It actually introduced me into the world of remote control quadcopters, and has led to a brand new hobby and addiction. My wife was initially skeptical, until she realized it would get me out of the house occasionally and provide for some much needed “me” time – for her of course.

The Estes Proto X mini quadcopter is an amazing little flying machine to say the least. It features 6 axis stabilization, bright led light indicators, and is ready to fly out of the box (actually you’ll need to pick up a pack of AAA batteries for the remote, and a tiny screwdriver [like this one] to install them).

Although this is the quadcopter that introduced me to the world of quads, I must qualify that it takes practice to become a skilled quad pilot. Good thing is the Proto X is very durable, as I have crashed it on multiple occasions, and broke a few of the blades in the process. The blades are replaceable, but it is a good idea to have ample flying space to avoid hitting walls, chairs, computers, etc… You are able to fly the Proto X outdoors and indoors, but becareful outdoors, as it is not difficult for high winds to carry your mini quad up up and away.

Overall, the Estes Proto X is an excellent cool tool toy, and a great introduction into the world of quadcopters.

Warning: This may scare some small pets or children when flown, as it sounds like a large angry mosquito when airbound.

-- Myron 06/3/15