Super easy rust removal

Getting rid of rust on tools, antiques, or old junk has always been an irritating and unsuccessful chore for me. But out in the Tube-osphere, guys restoring antiques all swear by Evapo-Rust ($23/gallon). They submerge the gnarly rusted object in this clear liquid overnight and the next day it rises up clean as a whistle. I got some, and by golly, it works like magic. As it eats away the rust, the liquid turns black (which is the reduced iron) as it depletes, but a gallon of it cleaned far more than I expected. The manufacturer claims one gallon will eat ½ pound of pure rust, or 300 pounds of moderately rusted iron. If you can’t dunk the rusted piece you can brush it on and keep it moist with towels. It claims to be non-toxic and biodegradable. It sometimes leaves a somewhat grayish film, but that’s no problem for anything being painted. It’s not cheap, but man, it is well worth it.

-- KK 09/18/18