Extremely Tiny Woodstoves

Cubic-foot heat

The need: a very tiny woodstove suitable for a small space in a home. I received many suggestions after posting an inquiry here last month. Here is the consensus from Cool Tools readers.

The original Very Small Woodstove is the Jotul 602, from Norway. This model is a mere 12 inches wide, 19 inches deep. They are found most often in cottages and cabins in the woods, where the 602’s good looks are a highlight. It’s been around almost forever. Jotul claims over 1 million of these have been manufactured. Waterford and Garden Way produced a near identical stove called the Reginald 101, but it is no longer in production, but available used, as is the Jotul 602. Although very small it can heat amazingly well.

Jotul 602
12 x 19
Manufactured by Jotul – see their dealers list

But the tiniest very small woodstoves are those built for boats. These are designed for very tight quarters, and often have a railing on the top to keep pots from rolling off. Here is a typical one from the Canadian coast measuring all of 12 inches by 12 inches. They are made of cast iron and porcelain and are so cute and enchanting, folks have thought of getting a sailboat just so they need one.

12 x12
Available from Marine Stove

The third option for extremely small woodstoves are those manufactured for camping. Sometimes known as wall tent stoves, or pack trail stoves, or ice shack, or even shepherding stoves, these are meant for nomadic or seasonal camps. Like the marine varieties they double as cookstoves. More expensive varieties are produced in titanium, the cleverest are even collapsible, but the cheapest are steel, and they are as plain and basic as camp coffee.

Two Dog Stove
10 x 12
Available from Wall Tent Shop

THE source for pack trail stoves is Pack Saddle Shop

Wilderness Shanty Wood Stove
8 x 15
Available from Shewchuk Outdoor Supplies

Slightly larger– that is small, but not extremely small — home woodstoves can also be found at Lehman’s

-- KK 02/17/05

(Thanks to Chris, Gordon Crone, John Simons, Art Johnson, Cate, Helge Gudmundsen, CJ Cramer, Christopher Wanko, Rob McCartney, Todd Holloway, Eagle, Scott KS, Stephen Foss, Rick Smith, Dean Johnson, Matt Murray, Curt Jopling, Justin Anthony, Egil Hogholt, and Russell Hall. -- KK — editors)

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