Lightweight spectacles

I used to wear contact lenses all the time, largely because they made playing sports easier. Then I bought a pair of Eyephorics. Zowee. At 2.5 grams, these glasses are ultra light and ultra, ultra comfortable. I often lay down to go to sleep totally unaware they are on my face. I chose earpieces that hook behind my ears. They don’t slip, even when my face gets sweaty when I run and play tennis. Aside from different earpieces, you can get any shape lens and any color nose piece/ear bar. Mine are seafoam green, which sounds weird but they look normal. I got mine at a local high-end eyewear store. The glasses are costly, but they are also super durable. I am very rough on my glasses. This pair has taken some serious abuse in the past 18 months , but always manages to bounce back. I will never buy any other kind. If you wear contacts or glasses, these glasses will make you swoon.

-- Anne Schuster 11/6/08