Fall and Winter Tools Contest


Cool weather Cool Tools contest

With the arrival of November has come the occasional draft through my as-of-yet unsealed windows. As the temperatures begin to drop, and as the first frosts and snowfalls inevitably begin to fall it feels about right to have another Cool Tools contest.

What are the tools you depend on through fall and winter? What do you use to insulate your house? Have you found the best way to rake and bag leaves? Or the tools to winterize your vehicle (snow tires, chains, wiper blades)? Do you have tips and tricks about how to stay warm as the mercury plunges? What about the most energy efficient indoor heater? We want to hear about all these things and more!

As usual, the author of the most publishable review gets to select a prize from the Prize Pool and will be published the following week. So tell us what you love!

Remember, a great Cool Tool review is a story that includes the following five parts:
1) a succinct description of what the tool is,
2) how it changed your behavior,
3) why Cool Tools should run the item,
4) why it is superior to other things, and
5) why we should believe you.

For some inspiration here are some seasonally inspired tool reviews to get you started:

Sno Wovel
Sno Boss Snow Pusher
Fantastic Ice Scraper
Pawz Dog Boots
Tilley Winter Hats
Neos Overshoes

— oliver