Tool Chest

Felo Phillips #2 8-inch screwdriver


Smooth seamless handle for maximum comfort

Everyone should own a dedicated Phillips #2 screwdriver with a 8-inch shank. This is probably painfully obvious to a seasoned handyman or mechanic, but based on an informal survey of friends & family it seems we’ve all been getting by with a multi-bit screwdriver or a set with standard shanks. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but over the years I’ve run into a surprising number of situations where narrow diameter openings and/or deeply recessed screws precluded the use of my usual screwdriver.

Some recent examples include repairing an old solid wood dresser, removing unneeded shelves from my freezer, and removing a car door panel to replace a window regulator. I’m sure Cool Tools readers can name other times they’ve been thwarted by a screwdriver that just won’t fit.

Save yourself a last-minute trip to the hardware store by stocking an appropriate screwdriver in advance. I own this model from German brand Felo. It features a comfortable, anti-roll handle and a hardened tip. The latter is important because a prematurely worn-out tip will necessitate replacing the whole screwdriver. At roughly 12-inches overall it fits in any toolbox or can easily be hanged on a pegboard. Despite being made in Germany it’s only marginally more expensive than knock-off brands; I’ll gladly spend a few extra bucks for a quality tool for life. You likely won’t need it often, but when you do you’ll certainly be glad to have it.

-- Nabhan Islam 10/19/20