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Condensed reading

Electronic documents are a great tool but there are times when you just need printed copies.

FinePrint installs itself as a printer in your Windows system and will intercept print jobs and put up to 8 pages of output on 1 sheet of paper, though this is often unreadable (at least for me – I didn’t pay for the Steve Austin upgrade when I had laser vision surgery).

I find that 2-4 pages per sheet and printing in duplex saves on paper, reduces printing time, saves on toner and makes documents more portable. It’s great for web pages without printing views that use those narrow columns. You can also edit the jobs and remove / reorder jobs and pages.

MS Office and some other applications have a version of this capability now but none are as robust as FinePrint’s. I have been using it since 2000 and have been very happy with the product.

-- Lon Miller 10/18/06