Fiskars 12′ Pruning Stik


Telescoping pruning tool

We’ve got a line of trees standing over an old fence line covered in grape vines. For pretty much the last 10-years, I’ve been keeping the trees healthy and vine free with the help of my Fiskars Pruning Stik.

I’ve had some of the traditional long handled pruners, and they all broke or something, I don’t have them anymore – no reason to remember anything other than disappointment. When I found the Stik, I knew I had the right thing.

The telescoping version gets well into underbrush, up into trees, all over. The angle-adjustable head helps too. It’s easy to use, reliable and easy to maintain (a little WD40 on the cutter, occasionally). The only hair to split is that the locking lever on the head catches on stuff now and then and unlocks, but no big deal.

The “tape” line (not a rope) that transfers your effort to the head lays flat, and is very hard to tangle. The head separates from the pole (but stays attached by the line) when you ask it to bite more than it can chew and it locks up on something or gets tangles in brush. The “tape drive” and the telescoping stick work perfectly without any adjustment other than your extending the stick. All very slick.

Our trees have grown very nicely with the vines taken out of them, over and over. Maybe some day we’ll get more to the root of the vines, but so far this thing truly helps our trees.

-- Wayne Ruffner 09/18/12


(Note: We first reviewed the Fiskars Pruning Stik back in 2010!--OH — editors)