Fiskars Cuts+More


Multipurpose scissors cut everything

I use shears and scissors constantly while building projects from leather and fabric and other materials. I have tried other types, from kitchen shears to more expensive models, but I have found this model from Fiskars ($12) to be the absolute best. In my toolbox, they are indispensable.

The shears are made out of titanium which decreases the need for frequent sharpening. However, the included protective case doubles as a sharpener for when the need arises. They are a true multipurpose tool with a wire cutter, twine cutter, light rope cutter, and even an awl tip for making holes. In terms of use, I have cut leather, fabric, even sheet vinyl with equal ease. They cut cleanly every time, on every material.

fiskars open.jpeg

They even come apart for cleaning or whatnot. Too cool! Fiskars is a brand I trust, and these shears confirm that fact once again. I believe these handy shears are a great addition to any toolbox.

-- Stephen Young 06/17/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2011 — editors)