FitDesk X1


Stationary bike workstation

I used to spend most of my work day sitting at a desk on my computer. Two years ago, that changed when my wife gave me a FitDesk X for my birthday. It is easily my most used birthday gift ever.

The FitDesk X is an upright style stationary bike with a comfortable saddle that also has a padded desk area on which to place your laptop or tablet, allowing you to work (or surf) and get a workout at the same time. The FitDesk utilizes electromagnetic resistance which makes it incredibly quiet so the rider can even be on the phone at the same time (as long you don’t sound winded). The bike is relatively light (about 40 lbs), folds up, and is easy to move. Besides using it during my work day, I pedal while watching my favorite TV show or when reading a book.

When traveling for business, I seek out the hotel’s gym to use their bikes. While I can read a book, watch TV, or use my iPad on these stationary bikes, I really can’t get any work done since there is no platform to hold my laptop. I look forward to getting home and back on my Fitdesk where I can ride for hours. There is an odometer to keep track of total distance traveled.

If you want to get fit (or stay fit) and your time is limited, the Fitdesk is a great solution to work and exercise at the same time. As an added bonus, this USA based company has excellent customer service.

-- Brian Boettger 03/22/13

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