Flexible Framing Square

Shinwa Sashigane Framing Square

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Shinwa Sashigane Framing Square ($34)

Don’t be confused by models like this one listed on Amazon, which lack the reinforced corner and standard measurement:

Guest: Palo Coleman

“I brought a measuring tool because I think that’s the most important thing in any shop or to start any project. And this one, Shinwa is the company, they make these their framing squares made in Japan. They have both the inches and centimeters on it for depending on where you’re from. And they do some very unusual things compared to American framing squares.”

“When you’re doing framing work – especially on post and beam — to be able to lay it over and have it complete the line accurately, but build a bend because the pieces might be a little different of an angle, is wonderful.”

“It is hardened stainless steel. And then a very unusual aspect of this is that it thickens in the corner there. So this allows me to go into tight spots. I can go into a window well and kind of bend it into place. This always stays square and straight and allows it to bend, but it never bends the other way because of the construction of the design.”

-- Palo Coleman 02/24/20

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