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Nomadico issue #24

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Flexible Fix-it Packets
I first read about the product Sugru in the Recomendo newsletter run by my partners Kevin, Mark, and Claudia. It has since become a favorite gift and a fix-almost-anything item that is easy to travel with on adventure trips. It’s basically like stiff Play-doh that retains its shape after being exposed to air for a while, but stays flexible. Among other things, I’ve used it to replace a zipper pull, fix a frayed electric cord, and repair a shoe sole. $10 for a 3-pack (in 3 colors) or $20 for 8 at Amazon

Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World
Most travel listicles written by one writer are quite predictable or surface-level , but this crowdsourced TimeOut one about the world’s 51 coolest neighborhoods has me adding places to my upcoming travel itineraries. Number one is only three hours away from my home base (Colonia Americana in Guadalajara) and number nine (Barrio Yungay in Santiago) I’ll check out next week.

Don’t Base Your Travel Choices on Instagram Dreaminess…
For neighborhoods that don’t turn out to be so cool IRL, we’ve got the “Positano Problem” – when everyone floods a place because of the dreamy Instagram photos and then complains about the high prices and crowds. There are loads of great quotes in this Vox article, including this one: “No matter how many recommendations you receive from friends or strangers on the internet, the same ones will have been given to thousands of other people who are just as unhappy to see you there as you are them.”

Vagabonding, Two Decades Later
It has been 20 years since Rolf Potts published the seminal book Vagabonding that launched who knows how many thousands of round-the-world trips. He just released a follow-up this month called The Vagabond’s Way: 366 Meditations on Wanderlust, Discovery, and the Art of Travel. You can catch him talking about it on various podcasts, including Tim Ferris’. See more info at the Amazon page


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