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Flexible Motion Sensor LED Headlamp


Flexible headlamp with a motion sensor

As an avid DIYer and combat soldier I’ve purchased plenty of different types of headlamps and use them on a daily basis. For the past year, my favorite has been this sleek flexible headlamp.

In fact, I liked it so much that I bought 2 more so I always have one that’s fully charged, and ready for use. The headlamp charges by USB-C and works for 2 hours on the brightest setting and almost twice as long on the next setting.

Unlike other headlamps, the front of the headband itself is a flexible LED — like an LED strip but much brighter. Its wide beam as well as not protruding past my forehead makes it fantastic for tight spaces — under AFVs/APCs (vehicles) or simply for installations in construction.

What I love most about it is that it has a motion sensor. I find it to be especially useful when I want to turn it off to not blind the living daylights out of someone I’m talking to face to face and to turn it back on when my hands are dirty or when I’m unable to locate buttons with gloves on. I simply have to wave next to it or tilt my head to toggle it. This saves a significant amount of battery as well.

I found it has 2 downsides, the first being that the wide beam is a mosquito magnet like no other. The second is that it’s a flexible LED that’s bound to break with enough abuse. I’m positive the only reason one has survived so long is that I treat it like no other headlamp, folding it carefully in its case when I’m done using it.

-- Yonatan 04/11/23

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