FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer


Vacuum sealing food freshness extender

The Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer is quicker, easier, and more accessible than electric vacuum sealers with plastic bags. Leftover food, soup, or beverages stay fresher longer using wide mouth Mason jars (aka canning jars aka Ball jars) and this sealing lid. It can keep leftovers fresher for several extra days or more in the refrigerator.

Jar sealing this way also extends the freshness/shelf life of dry stored pantry items like nuts, and recently-ground flour or coffee. It also delays freezer burn/spoilage of fresh frozen items. This tool has saved money and greatly reduced food waste. I rarely lose leftovers to spoilage now. I am also more likely to cook in quantity, since extras stay tasty longer. It paid for itself in a week, in savings.

-- Bill Owens 05/11/17

(To use this lid you need the hose and the small pump, too. — editors)