FoxFury Multi-LED Headlamp


Wide-beamed light source

I’ve used lots of headlamps, and there’s a common problem when the light comes from a point source: brightly lit areas with inky black shadows behind the lit objects coupled with a narrow field of view. This Foxfury headlamp uses a bunch of LEDs spread out horizontally so the light washes in and around irregularities while lighting a wide field of view.

I’ve used this headlamp on a hardhat for at least 3 years when I’m lowered down into holes drilled through landslides. It’s amazingly dark below around 25 feet, and these lights just flood the walls of the boring so we can find the bottoms of landslides and map them.

They are great for changing tires, snowshoeing, and even yard work at night. My neighbors think I’m weird. They sell different models for fire fighting, forensic work, SCUBA diving, you name it. Plus they tune the spectrum to the need: natural light, infrared, etc. In addition, most of the models come with a red LED on the back for safety purposes.

-- Reid Fisher 02/10/11