Free Directory Assistance


Free phone 411

The number is 1-800-Free 411, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s free directory information. Works on cells and land lines. The other day I was about to call a store, and my sister shouted 1-800 Free411 at me as I pulled down her driveway. I dialed it on my cell phone, and gave the name, town, and city. Somewhere in there they air a 12 second commercial, but then they give you your requested number, and even repeat it twice. I haven’t experimented yet, but you MAY even be able to circumvent the commercial by pressing “2” on your keypad.

Cell phone companies in MOST parts of the world only charge you for calls you place; incoming calls are free (as they SHOULD be), so I’m annoyed enough when I return to the USA. If I can find a way to keep large corporations from taking more $$ outta my hide, I do it. When cell phone companies charge you up to $2.50 for a directory information request, I’ll listen to 12 seconds of blather instead.

-- Duffy Franco 07/17/06

(The more recently-reviewed GOOG 411 is a quicker free information service. -- SL — editors)