Fresh2 Bulbs

Odor-eliminating light bulbs

Fresh2 makes fluorescent compact light bulbs coated with a titanium dioxide film. The fluorescent UV light causes a chemical reaction with the film, and the resulting oxidation eliminates odors. I know it sounds far fetched, but the things really work. I ordered a pair for my laundry room where I keep 3 cat litter boxes. Although I keep them clean, there has always been a persistent odor there. I replaced the room’s 60W incandescent bulb (which I kept on all the time) with this new Fresh2 40w fluorescent fixture (already liking the fact that I’m saving a little electricity). Within one day, the odors were completely eliminated. I now swear by these bulbs. The only problem — the air has to circulate around them. They work best in exposed sockets. Not necessarily the most attractive look.

A similar technology is being used in Japan on windows. In this application, exposure of the titanium dioxide to sunlight UV caused a reaction that effectively cleaned the windows of soot, grime, etc.

-- Gregory Winer 06/17/04

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