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Frost Pak Soft Coolers


Light-weight alternative to hard case coolers

I like the versatility of soft coolers, which can be more easily stored when not in use. This includes keeping one in the trunk of the car for unanticipated needs. Unfortunately, the few of these I have previously owned suffered from poor insulation, shoddy zippers and a tendency to leak as soon as the ice starts to melt.

I finally came across an especially robust and capable soft cooler called the Frost Pak from Seattle Sports. I liked it so much I purchased three of the four sizes available (ranging from 12 to 40 quarts).

They’e made of heavy duty vinyl with well attached handles and quality zippers. While not quite as insulative as a good hard cooler, these are more than sufficient to fit most of my needs within a day. While not inexpensive, the Frost Pak is a much better value than all those coolers which simply didn’t hold up.

-- Mike Pel 11/27/13

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