Furniture Felt Pads and Rubber Bumpers Set


No more floor scratches

I bought this 124 pack roughly two and a half years ago and am finally getting to the point where I will need to buy another pack. My wife and I have used these felt furniture pads and rubber bumpers on much of the furniture around our house to reduce noise, sliding (by use of the rubber bumpers), and to eliminate scratching of our floors with the felt pads. We have used the felt pads on the bottom of our dining room chairs, underneath our bed on the feet and supports, coffee table, small tables, etc. We use the rubber bumpers on things we don’t want to have sliding around like small bowls to keep keys, flower pots, anything that we might want a little separation from tables but not be so completely noticeable.

I initially bought these through Amazon but have found them through the SIMALA website (United Kingdom). There are multiple sizes of pads to accommodate whatever size furniture you have. The adhesive is enough so that it stays on the furniture for years but is easily enough removed through a little elbow grease and then a touch of solvent to remove any residue. The larger pads offer a chance to customize pattern or make smaller as the material can be cut with conventional kitchen scissors. For $10 this pack has lasted us years and has saved us a ton of frustration avoiding scratched floors and things sliding off tables.

-- Brian Ryckman 09/2/19