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The covered back porch seems to be the center of my home. Lots of time spent there with bird feeders hanging on the eaves and squirrels begging for peanuts. It’s not large but has a porch swing and a couple of chairs, a metal can for peanuts, and other sundry obstacles to cleaning. Sweeping off sunflower seed hulls, leaves and peanut shells was a pain because of the obstructions. The thought hit me that a dedicated leaf blower would simplify life when it came to cleaning. But a leaf blower is kind of large for the job, I’m not overly fond of rechargeable tools like this, and really dislike small engines (or rather, they dislike me). I wanted no maintenance, compact and reasonably priced. I thought about a small shop vac as a blower, but that’s bigger than I wanted and more expensive. Searching on Amazon, I ran across the Performance Tool W50063 Compact Red 600 Watt Garage/Shop/ Blower/Patio Blower and thought it might be sufficient for my needs. It has far exceeded my expectations. This thing is small enough to be kept under the porch swing, it is on a 25′ extension cord, so I can not only keep the porch clear of debris, but can clean up the adjacent breezeway. For $27 it is unbeatable. It does claim to be a vacuum as well, but I didn’t want that and honestly, it’s more an advertising thing than a working reality. That’s OK, I didn’t want a vacuum. This works very well, pushes a lot of air, the size is perfect for this use.

-- Norm 05/25/22

(This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017 — editors)

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