GE LED Brightstik


Fits in sockets where a traditional bulb doesn’t fit

The use case for this bulb may seem strange, but I think it applies to a lot of people. Do you have a lot of different light fixtures and lamps in your home? Do you always seem to be out of the replacement bulb when one blows out? I use these bulbs as fill-ins until I can find a replacement. In addition to the advantages of LED bulbs (lower energy cost, longer-lasting bulb), the GE Bright Stik has a narrow shape that will fit into fixture or lamp with a standard, screw-in base. I first bought these bulbs a few years ago when the light bulbs in our bathroom fixture went out. The fixture features a glass cylinder that doesn’t seem to fit a traditional bulb. Fortunately, I found the GE Stik bulbs at the hardware store across the street. The fit with plenty of space to spare. Since then, I’ve found they fit into every fixture with a standard bulb socket. One downside seems to be that they’re not dimmable. They’ll flash if you turn the light down. However, if you just need them for a day or two until you find the right bulb, that shouldn’t be a problem. My local Ace hardware sells them, as does Home Depot. However, I can’t seem to locate them on their respective websites. Maybe they’re too low-margin to bother putting online. It’s worth keeping a few of these around so you always have a bulb that will fit whatever light goes dim.

-- Ben Rothfeld 01/24/19