Georgia Influx/Waiting on Bali/Electric Travel Toothbrush

Nomadico issue #20

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Huge Influx Into Georgia
You might want to put off that move to Tbilisi for a while. Rents in the country of Georgia started going up as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine and those with the means to leave Russia did so in droves. Last week it got worse when Putin announced a military draft. “The Interior Ministry of Georgia said over 53,000 Russians have entered the country since last week,” according to the AP.

The Bali Digital Nomad Saga
For a reminder on how an announcement is not the same as implementation when it comes to digital nomad visas, compare the clickbait news stories from the major media that have been out there about living in Bali to this detailed timeline on what has really gone in motion (not much) for the Indonesian island. For now, don’t hold your meditative breath.

Remote Work With Wheels
The mobile app YNAB (You Need a Budget) surveyed five of their remote workers about life on the road in terms of possessions, money management, and what they’ve learned. Four of the five are in some kind of RV/trailer set-up, so the article provides a different perspective than that of the globetrotters leaving home with just checked luggage or a backpack. See Budgeting as a Digital Nomad– via Mark F.

Small Electric Travel Toothbrush
After spending way too much time going down the Amazon rabbit hole of product reviews to find a small and lightweight electric travel toothbrush I can recharge by USB, I took my new $23 Pop Sonic one out on a 3-week run this month. The verdict is that it’s not as powerful as the big one at home, but good enough (and convenient enough) to use on relatively short trips instead of a manual one.


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