General Purpose Tools

Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier


Multi-Tool features one-handed opening

This tool was a right of passage to manhood in my family. At age 12 you became a man, because that’s when you received your very own Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier. I’ve loved it ever since that exciting day I first opened it. For the longest time this was the only tool I needed, and in many ways still is. When camping I used it to make tools, carve wood, prep and cook food, replace batteries and so much more. I hardly ever, if at all, reached for another tool. What makes this unique over other multi-pliers is those “oh crap” times. For instance, recently I was working on a jewelry frame for my wife. I was lining up cup hooks to be screwed in and had them just right but had forgot to open the pliers. Oh crap. I couldn’t just set it down, but it was okay. With the Gerber I could open it with my free hand with a satisfying “sheenk” sound as the pliers slid free of their housing. A lot of people are fans of the Leatherman and would argue it’s a better multi-tool mainly because you don’t have to open the pliers just to use the knife and that it folds up more compactly. The difference in compactness is negligible, but the knife argument is valid. If you think you’ll be using the knife frequently, not in conjunction with the pliers, then the Leatherman is your tool. For everyone else, the Gerber’s tools lock in place so you don’t worry about them closing on your fingers, and their multi-tool is backed by a limited lifetime warranty (compared to Leatherman’s 25 year warranty).

-- Justin Dyer 01/17/17