Getting Paid to Move/Stopovers/2023 Nomad Conferences

Nomadico issue #39

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The Remote Work Hotspot of… Tulsa?

How does it work out when a city actually pays remote workers to relocate there? Apparently quite well, even when it’s a place that normally would attract close to zero of them. Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) paid qualified applicants $10,000 to move there and stick around. More than 2,000 people took them up on the offer. “The remote workers who moved to Tulsa have a higher standard of living than they had before, they’re engaged in their new community, and most plan to stay.”  Read the full Harvard Business Review article here.

Details on Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

Spain’s digital nomad visa is now officially open for applications. Here are all the requirements for what you’d have to prove. Here are the main requirements though: a monthly income of 2X the minimum wage, a clean police record, health insurance, a university degree or three years of experience, and documentation showing your job can be done remotely.

Build an Airline Stopover Into Your Next Trip

Which airlines are offering a stopover program these days? I recently researched and posted an update here and while most are simply a “you won’t pay extra for your broken-up flight” offering, the ones from Turkey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi throw in some enticing extras if you stick around. The other option is to create your own: fly into a city on a long-haul airline and out on a local budget airline, putting some nights in between the two. This works especially well if the last leg is a budget airline flight in a destination where there’s lots of local competition, such as in Southeast Asia, Europe, Mexico, or Colombia.

Upcoming Nomad Conferences

Want to try out a conference full of working travelers? There’s one next week in Madeira, but assuming you’d like more time to plan, here are a few others in the first half of the year:


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