Gingher G-4C


Classic sewing scissors

These Gingher scissors are simply stellar. They are strong, durable and well-made. They have extremely sharp points which can make smaller, more precise cuts than any other scissors I have ever owned. As such, I have had numerous Gingher sewing scissors over the years.

I have also discovered that Gingher offers repair and reconditioning for all of their products. Simply ship any Gingher item to them and they will sharpen, repair and recondition it for $7.50. What a deal! I sent in a few pairs of scissors that I have used for years, including one which had mistakenly been used to cut wire (ugh!). A couple of weeks later they came back working as if they were new. Such a service for such a price is something truly rare these days.

-- Elissa Vigil 12/14/10

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