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The fetish aspect of new gadgets leave me cold. I much prefer to hear about stuff that people have lived with and worn down, but still find love for. The web tends to offer sanctuary to the former, and not the latter. In my constant search for a decent web site that tracks and review gear with street cred I have only landed a few keepers. My favorite all-around gizmo site right now is Gizmodo. Run almost single-handedly by a freelance Wired writer, it is a simple blog detailing the newest gadgets each day. Occasionally he will review a particular item, but most times he is merely pointing to a product release. The chief attraction to me is the broad scope of his collection, and a sensible restraint of enthusiasm.


The ever-innovative Amazon has a cool site that is little known, and is somewhat helpful in tracking what’s new in gear. Their “Early Adopters” page automatically generates a list of new stuff they are selling. It’s naked data, but cleanly delivered.

Amazon Early Adopters

-- KK 05/26/03

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